SBA Organization Structure

The SBA is directed by our management committee, headed by President Mr Lawrence Leow.

Alongside the management committee, are our various sub-committees, as follows:

Development & Selection Sub-Committee

The D&S sub-committee is focused on the high performance elements of the SBA, ensuring the best performance from the elite shuttlers in Singapore.


Mr. Victor Sim Chin Chuan

Deputy Chairman: 

Mr. Lau Wing Cheok

Committee Members: 

Mr. Abdul Hamid Khan s/o Abdul Majeed
Mr. Lim Teck Heng Robert
Mr. Wong Shoon Keat
Mr. Lok Chee How
Mr. Desmond Tan

Resource Persons: 

Mr. Yeo Sik Tat
Mr. Donald Koh
Mr. Ong Eu-Gene

Tournament Sub-Committee

Organizing tournaments, like the Singapore Open, Youth International Series, International Series, National Championships, and more. The tournament Sub-Committee also takes charge of high participation and sport development affairs of the association, such as technical officials, SBA Badminton Academy, National Ranking Policy, and National Grading System.


Mr. Lim Teck Heng Robert

Committee Members: 

Mr. Foo Kok Wah Victor
Mr. Yom Yoon Chong Michael
Ms. Cheah Ee Im Grace
Mr.  Phang Yew Keong Nigel
Mr. Ng Yoke Weng
Mr. Ng Cheong Ann John
Mr. Eugene Ang
Mr. Michael Foo

Finance & Corporate Services Sub-Committee

Finance & Corporate Services. Ensuring good governance and proper use of moneys in the SBA.


Mr.  Foo Kok Wah Victor

Committee Members: 

Mr.  Lim Teck Heng Robert
Mr.  Phang Yew Keong Nigel
Mr. Chia Soo, Michael
Mr. Melvin Lau Han Hwa
Ms. Joyce Ang
Ms. Angela See

Audit Sub-Committee


Ms. Lisa Sam Hui Min

Committee Members: 

Ms. Yiong Yong Ming
Mr. George Ong

SBA Athletes’ Commission

Giving a voice to our athletes, developing them to their fullest. For athletes, by athletes. Currently chaired by ex-Olympian, Mr Derek Wong.

Derek Wong (Ex-Olympian, Participated in 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games)

Grace Chua (Participated in 2018 Commonwealth Games)
Yeo Jiamin (Participated in 2018 Commonwealth Games)
Crystal Wong (Participated in 2018 Commonwealth Games)
Loh Kean Yew (Participated in 2018 Commonwealth Games)
Danny Bawa Chrisnanta (Participated in 2018 Commonwealth Games)
Terry Yeo (Ex-National, Participated in SEA Games)
Jonathan Tang (Ex-National, Participated in SEA Games)

SBA Parents Support Group (PSG)

SBA’s PSG was formed during the “Meet-the-players-and-Parents” session on 3 November 2018. Gathering valuable feedback from athletes’ parents, the SBA hopes the feedback will help us formulate more athlete-centric policies. Our current PSG Chairman is Mdm Judy Wong, mother of national player Ms Yeo Jia Min.

Mdm. Judy Wong

Vice Chairman
Mr. Lim Yew Kit

Mr. Koh Soon Kiang

Mr. Allan Kwek
Mdm. Carol Lim
Mdm. Marine Lim
Mr. Gary Saw

The SBA Secretariat Office

Day-to-day, the organization is professionally run by a secretariat office headed by our CEO Mr Gerald Heng & General Manager Mr Kenneth Khoo.

In the secretariat office are 4 distinct departments, namely High Performance, High Participation, Finance & Corporate Services, and Marketing & Business Development.

For general enquiries related to SBA, please do drop us an email at

(Information is updated as of 1 August 2019)