National Intermediate Squad (NIS)

As the governing body for the sport of badminton in Singapore. The SBA co-ordinates, regulates, advises and administers all matters relating to the sport. This also includes youth training programs, like the National Intermediate Squad (NIS).

Serving as a pivotal pillar providing players to our Elite National Squad, our NIS squad consists of players from the NIS (Mainstream) and NIS (Singapore Sports School) teams.

Image by Jnanesh Salian Via Badmintonphoto

NIS Selection Criteria

The National Intermediate Squad will be comprised of the top youth players under the age of 17 years old who have the potential to be selected into the National Team in future. Squad members will have priority to attend training camps or take part in competitions both domestically and overseas under the National Flag.

For information on our NIS selection criteria, please visit this page. 

Bursaries for NIS (Mainstream)

To provide financial assistance to talented young athletes from needy families, so as to help defray the cost of training in the SBA National Intermediate Squad.

For information regarding our NIS (Mainstream) bursary scheme, please visit this page. 

Our National Intermediate Squad Players

NIS Sports School

Secondary 1
Chua Xin Lin, Caryn
Elliot Ong 
Jessie Bachelor 
Leong Jun Rui, Daryl
Maegan Tan Yee Kah
Ong Jun Hao
Tai Wan Yuu
Tan Yi Kai, Julian Clement
Tee Yin Jie

Secondary 2
Low Sze Hong Bryant
Jayden Fan Ze Lin
Sherayne Ong Xuan En
Low Rui Xuan, Jeanna (Liu Ruixuan)
Pranav Madhaik
Loh Ying Fang
Sophie Aleena Likwan

Secondary 3
Tai Jong Waa
Tan Wei Da
Tan Xuan De Edmund
Tee Kai Ze
Blairdimir Herbert

Secondary 4
Aaliyah Binte Zakaria
Chia Xin Ying
Lee Feiyi Stefanie
Axel Ng Li Wei
Teo Eng Ker (Zhang Yingke)
Boon Jie Le Marco
Justin Tay Ron Hsien
Ng Ming Zhe

NIS (Mainstream)

Chan Fwee Leng Genevieve
Joelle Chee Jie Ya
Khloe Lim Ke Jia
Li Zhenghong

Michelle Zan
Sharifah Nur Hanisah
Chew Jie Rui
Ding Hanjin
Quek Zhan Zhi Nigel
Ren Zhaoxiang