National Intermediate Squad

As the governing body for the sport of badminton in Singapore. The SBA co-ordinates, regulates, advises and administers all matters relating to the sport. This also includes youth training programs, like the National Intermediate Squad (NIS).

Serving as a pivotal pillar providing players to our Elite National Squad, our NIS squad consists of players from the NIS (Mainstream) and NIS (Singapore Sports School) teams.

For information on our youth selection policy, please visit this page. 

NIS Sports School

Secondary 1
Amber Lim Xiao Qin, Secondary 1A
Andrea Jacqui Tay, Secondary 1D
Chua Min Han, Secondary 1D
Heng Xiao En, Secondary 1B
Kaelyn Lim Yin Xuan, Secondary 1B
Mark Wong Kai Ji, Secondary 1B
Nge Joo Jin, Secondary 1B
Nicholas Kat Zi Shun, Secondary 1C
Timothy Eng Tiam Meng, Secondary 1F

Secondary 2
Alyssa Ong Chian Ying, Secondary 2B
Chloe Liew Huey Qi, Secondary 2A
Julian Ho Yu Feng, Secondary 2B
Lai Yi Ting, Secondary 2C
Marcus Phil Lau Jun Hui, Secondary 2B
Megan Lee Xinyi, Secondary 2A
Ng In Qin, Secondary 2E
Olivier Foo See Git, Secondary 2C
Remus Ng (Huang Anrui), Secondary 2A
Safin Bin Noor Azlan, Secondary 2D
Ung Yi Xing, Secondary 2E

Secondary 3
Ahmat Khair Zulkifli, Secondary 3B
Alexis Lee Ying Shin, Secondary 3A
Elyssa Brynmarla Low Canuela, Secondary 3A
Johann Prajogo, Secondary 3C
Nge Joo Jie, Secondary 3C
Ryan Tan Rui Yang, Secondary 3C
Sabrina Lee Jingyi, Secondary 3A

Secondary 4
Annette Tong Rae Yi, Secondary 4A
Donovan Willard Wee, Secondary 4C
Kennise Ang Yan Ning, Secondary 4B
Koh Yu Han, Secondary 4C
Marcus Tan Zhuo Li, Secondary 4A
Rennie Yow Jia Yi, Secondary 4B
Torance Jng Yao Chee, Secondary 4C

Secondary 5
Lim Ming Hong, Secondary 5A2
Lim Su Qi, Secondary 5A2

NIS (Mainstream)

Basile Koh Meng Jin
Dexter Tan
Goh Shan Fei Faith
Ilisha Tanasekar
Joanna Wu Chujia
Kriston Choo Jun Hao
Lim Yu Xin
Lucas Saw Wei Hao
Qayum Bin Noor Azlan
Tan Seo Shien Grace
Tan Shi Bin
Yap Zhe Hong, Nixon