Selection for the Singapore Badminton Association Junior Performance Programmes (JPP) and NTS

From January 2024 – the way in which we invite players to come into the JPP (formerly the NIS) will be altering. Previously for players aged 12-17 years old it was an acknowledgement of a series of results which met a criteria, players had the opportunity to be invited to trials if they met the criteria.  The system will be changed to focus on identifying players who have the ability to achieve senior international results in the future.


From January 2024 we will use two systems for entry to the JPP:

  1. Junior Camps will be held (normally around April) for approximately 30 boys and 30 girls who have been identified by the Junior Programme Coaches through a series of observations and also tournament results.  These Camps will provide the coaches opportunity to observe the players better and be able to gather a greater level of information in order to make stronger selections.  Coaches will use a Profiling Tool to gather the information on the players ability and skills.  From these Camps the coaches will identify suitable players to invite for the JPP and also identify those players who we wish to give more time to develop.

Identification for Camps:

  • Coaches to identify players from the local tournaments – not just the ones who reach the latter rounds but also those who demonstrate good abilities, for example: strong technical skills, footwork, fighting spirit, etc.
  • RTC’s will be asked to nominate players who they consider to be on the right pathway to the Junior Programmes.
  • At the Camps players will be profiled using the same parameters as the U17 and Senior Player Profiling system – ensuring consistency throughout.  Profiling parameters include:
        • Technical
        • Tactical
        • Physical
        • Psychological
        • Lifestyle
  • Suitable players will be invited to the JPP after the Camp.
  1. For players who may be a year or two older and still within the JPP age groups (U15 and U17) there will still be opportunities for them to gain a place on the JPP.  This would primarily be through local tournament observations by the team of JPP Coaches, if identified, players would be invited in for short trial periods where they will be observed and profiled by the coaches.  Appropriate feedback will be given to players in order for them to develop further.  The JPP Coaches will decide on whether the player(s) are suitable for the JPP and will make a proposal to the JPP Director and Head Coach.

If suitable, players would then be invited to join the JPP within the 4 Options available:

  • Option 1: Sports School, study, train and live
  • Option 2: Sports School study and train, live at home
  • Option 3: Train at Sports School, live at home and attend own school
  • Option 4: Train at least once a week within the JPP but follow a programme with their own lead coach, attend own school

For Players wishing to be invited to trial within the NTS:

  • There will no longer be the ability for players, parents or coaches to contact SBA directly requesting a trial for the NTS.  Identified players will be invited to scheduled trials periods by the team of National Coaches.  
  • The coaches will be tasked with identifying players for the NTS through the local tournaments for either singles or doubles.  
  • Players that are invited for a NTS singles or doubles trial will be observed and profiled during training and receive suitable feedback to assist them in developing further.  
  • Players who fit the requirement for either singles or doubles will be invited to join the NTS and commit to the level of training required, players who do not currently fit the requirement will be asked to continue with their own training and focus on the given feedback for their development.